Typical is to “type” as atypical is to  ATYPE


ATYPE is an architectural practice in pursuit of atypical design solutions and the creation of unique adaptive structures for our ever-changing world.

ATYPE is architecture. ATYPE is design. ATYPE is houses. ATYPE is unique. ATYPE is conceptual. ATYPE is creative. ATYPE is modern. ATYPE is contemporary. ATYPE is residential. ATYPE is theoretical. ATYPE is practical. ATYPE is fundamental. ATYPE is complex. ATYPE is futuristic. ATYPE is historical. ATYPE is green. ATYPE is natural. ATYPE is construction. ATYPE is materials. ATYPE is luxury. ATYPE is economical. ATYPE is philosophical. ATYPE is visceral. ATYPE is ponderous. ATYPE is mysterious. ATYPE is domestic. ATYPE is …

Architecture is the union of form and use.  Form without use is sculpture and the accommodation of use only, is building, which is not always Architecture.

The architecture of John Chu