Erie Canal – Waystations

This proposal utilizes a standard kit of parts to assemble a numerous variety of pavilions to be built along the former Erie Canal in its conversion to a state park and recreation area.  Along the 700+ miles of the canal are portions that require support for visitors and rangers alike and depending on the locations and needs, each pavilion would require a unique configuration.  This system would allow the park to mix and match the various components as needed with the ability to swap elements as conditions change or pieces get worn or damaged.

Fall Hazard

Fall Hazard is a proposal for an art installation to be included in the annual “Spring Break Art Show”.  It plays on our ideas of perceptions of space and our interactions with the built environment.  The installation consists of a simple monolith the size of a telephone booth, dimly lit and potentially veiled to de-materialize its plain form.  A visitor can enter the monolith where the mirrored interior is  activated with lights and music, inviting the sole occupant to dance.  This small building houses a vast space within and activity commonly done in crowds is made private.  This subversion of perception and use is meant to make us re-think our everyday relationship with architecture.

World War I Memorial

An abstract symbolic monument drawn from the US insignia used in that era.  The large star-shaped structure is composed of brass pipes stacked resembling the artillery shells so abundantly expended during the conflict – one pipe for each casualty.  The open pipes form screen walls so the structure is somewhat ephemeral and on certain appropriate days used to hold flowers and personal notes.

Peace Corp Memorial

This memorial located in Washington DC, is meant to commemorate all the volunteers and all the countries around the world the Peace Corp has reached.  The world is idealized as Pangea (a super-continent thought to exist 200M years ago) when all continents were a single land mass with each nation depicted.  From the street the world appears fractured with each country isolated, but on the ground and from high above they are unified.


9-11 Memorial

This was the entry for a proposal of a 9/11 memorial at the ground zero site of the former World Trade Center, downtown, NYC.  The idea was to dedicate a pole topped with a light to each victim (white light for most; red  for firefighters; blue for police).  The height of each pole would vary relative to victim’s age.  Together all the poles would form a vestige of the twin towers.  To visitors it would feel like a steel forest and at night there would float a sea of lights.

X-mas Installation

This entry made in 2017 was for the construction of a large 3-D snowflake for a Christmas display in Shenzen, China.  The object was intended for installation in various retail settings.  The snowflake itself is make of hollow lightweight aluminum tubing.  Only the upper portion would be made and set on mirror reflective flooring allowing people to literally walk through the snowflake.

Mount Manhattan

Mount Manhattan was a fantasy idea of transforming the medians of Park Avenue between 47th and 57th street in Manhattan, NYC into an artificial mountainscape.  With the thousands of parks within metropolitan New York almost every natural environment is represented with the exception of mountains; this scheme looks to address that glaring omission.  This entry was a finalist in the Park Avenue Medians competition held in 2018.