House of a Dummy


An idea exercise to consider qualities and aspects of a house designed for a dummy (not meant to be derogatory), someone mentally limited or challenged or even just speaks a differing language. The approach is to look towards architecture that guides and secures the occupant as well as simplifies all the aspects of house design for easy use and even construction.  Safety and navigation become important elements.  The basic plan below identifies room functions with pictogrammatic icons.


happy-haus-prefab-house-donovan-hill-architects-12  np2-b213 Printd_trap_01

images June_20_Dot2Dot 39_Velcro Kjn0RKT8SKSG0zBGsE1L_Cubicle-Farm

house pictoAbove images illustrate simple design and construction, with easy functioning elements, GHS safety signs, manipulative spaces (fish trap), wayfinding graphics, simple design drawings (connect the dots house), simple connections (velcro blow-up) and basic layouts to facilitate duplication.  Not just for dummies, simplicity and ease of use are sometimes important aspects to any house design.  This post is the counterpart of House of a Genius.