House of a Hermit


An idea exercise to consider qualities and aspects of a house designed for a Hermit –  an introvert with primary interest in privacy, seclusion and security. The approach starts with a simple concrete bunker with a defensive profile and limited views.  Inspiration is drawn from spiral shells, mushrooms, bunkers and lighthouses. The project initiated greater examination into concrete as a building material best suited for concealment and construction below grade. Ideas of privacy and security are integral to every house design.

BunkerPainted0015_2_preview120211-bunker-interior-1024x682 365235-_A_Corian_counter_and_backsplash_hug_the_kitchen_wall_Photograph_by_David_Frutos_Bis_Images_bunker-kitchenCASA BRASILE√ĎA; BRAZILIAN HOUSE59a902ba274f9ba22715d32b6e287155hermit crabmushroom_in_the_forest_by_svitakovaeva-d5h2i9z bunkers-17 sile-diagramjasinskihouseSpiral-Staircase-Ponce-de-Leon-Inlet-Lighthouse-Florida smeatons_lighthouse00 the-hermit-1670guernsey_bunker__hdr_sjpg1013

This post is a counterpart to House of an Extravert.