House of an Extravert



An idea exercise to consider qualities and aspects of a house designed for an Extravert – a gregarious, exhibitionistic socialite. A playful symbol for this concept is a bedroom in a fishbowl and the simple parti for the house is a circular glass house. Inspirations are drawn from peacocks, the panopticon and social gatherings.  This project initiated a detailed study of glass and glazing as a building material best suited for visibility and the idea of transparencies. Though not easily fabricated, glass can be used for furnishings and flooring.  Glazing though mainly for light and views from within also provide views from without and the public aspect of a home is a part of every house design.

drumcurve glass2plimpton-partyConference tableCRIC-4067-0031UnknownPresidio-modelo2dwg_bolted_glass_detail-bluelaminated-glass-panel-floors-67763-2990217transparent-polyester-furnitureToughened_Glass_Stairs_634591748014995042_11286533591_a-glass-house-6  Bartholomeus_van_der_Helst,_Banquet_of_the_Amsterdam_Civic_Guard_in_Celebration_of_the_Peace_of_Münster IFhouse snowglobe

  This post is a counterpart of House of a Hermit.